Changing the login screen in macOS 10.14

Sun 13, Oct 2019 macos

Changing the login screen wallpaper in macOS Mojave is very different from previous macOS versions.

In older versions, you could simply change the file /Library/Caches/, but this doesn't work anymore in Mojave.

Instead, it loads the login wallpaper from /Library/Desktop Pictures/Mojave.heic. So, in order to change the login screen wallpaper, you'd have to replace the file with your custom login wallpaper.

I would recommend renaming the original file to something different (like Mojave_Original.heic), so you don't lose the standard wallpaper.

If you are using JPEG, PNG or anything else than HEIC for this wallpaper, make sure you convert it correctly. I tried it using GIMP, but that just gave me a black background instead of the actual new login wallpaper.

After that, I tried it with, which worked perfectly fine.

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