Pro tip: tag feeds on

Thu 14, May 2020

Just a quick pro tip for you: if you want to get the feed of only a specific tag of my blog, use the following URL scheme:{atom|rss|json}/{tag}/

Example: If you wanted to only see webdev-related posts in Atom format:

This feature has been around for quite some time now, but most people probably don't know it


My Git Mirror

Mon 11, May 2020

I just mirrored my GitHub repositories, just in case they go down, at I'm using GitList for now.

Rewriting this site using Sierra

Mon 20, Apr 2020


Over the last few days I've been re-writing this homepage yet another time. This time using my new framework.

A few URLs might have changed and some stuff has been removed, keep that in mind if you've linked to this site in the past.

Fixing this site for PHP 7.4

Tue 03, Dec 2019

Edit, a few minutes later: This site seems to be compatible (after a few minor fixes with the configuration), but my (a few months old) installation of Nextcloud is still incompatible. I'd have to update Nextcloud (and hope that all my addons are still supported), but I don't want to bother with that now.


PHP 7.4 was released a few days ago. I just checked if my websites and other webapps are compatible with it.

No, they are not.

Well, guess I have to start searching for the error (-s) now.

My Nextcloud and Roundcube installations are incompatible too btw. ._.

Another rewrite

Wed 30, Oct 2019

Over the last 2 weeks I've rewritten the entire homepage using a whole new MVC framework that I've created just for this site. Now it's up and running.

Some URLs have changed. Please check your bookmarks and links!

There is also a new RSS feed.

The Atom feed is here!

Wed 14, Aug 2019

I made a simple script for outputting an Atom feed! So, if you wanted to read my posts in your favorite feed reader, now you can! Its URL is

Update 03/10/2019: I also added a JSON feed. It is available at

Update 30/10/2019: Now there's an RSS feed too:

Welcome to my new homepage!

Sun 14, Jul 2019

Welcome to my new homepage! I completely re-made it from scratch. I think it's really cool! Not every feature is implemented yet, but I'm working on them!

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