The GitHub iOS app

Wed 18, Mar 2020

The GitHub iOS app is finally available! It's pretty cool imo (and has multiple icons you can choose from!)

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6

First experiences with Sign in with Apple

Sat 25, Jan 2020

Just downloaded byte. It's the first app I've seen that supports Apple's new "Sign in with Apple" feature.

The service is really uncomplicated and straight-forward: After you've chosen "Sign in with Apple" you're prompted with two options: Share your eMail address or get a new forward address just for that app.

You can remove your existing Sign in with Apple accounts by going into Settings => Apple ID => Password & Security => Apple ID logins. Just click on the app you want to remove your account of and click "Stop using Apple ID". You can also see your forwarding eMail address for that service there, if you've chosen to use one instead of your real eMail address.


NetNewsWire for iOS public beta

Sun 22, Dec 2019

NetNewsWire 5 for iOS has finally entered public beta. I'm really excited about that because I'm a big fan of NetNewsWire on the Mac.

Screenshot of Testflight

First impressions

Wow. What really stands out to me is the incredibly clean user interface. It simply focuses on what's important.

Screenshot of NetNewsWire's menu

Screenshot of an article in NetNewsWire

The app supports folders, importing/exporting of OPML files and stars for special feed entries. It also syncs with Feedbin and Feedly.

I would absolutely recommend taking a look at it if you're reading RSS/Atom/JSON feeds regularly. Finally a really nice feed reader for iOS!

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