Setting up a new Cisco SG300-28

Tue 25, Aug 2020

Hi! Just set up my new (used) Switch, a Cisco SG300-28 two days ago!

This is my first L3 switch and I have yet to explore all of its many features. The only thing I really did yet was setting up VLANs. I also bought a used StarTech 6U rack, as this switch (which is fanless!) sits right under my desk and the previous 2U rack I had there was too small to fit another switch.

Switching to a new UniFi controller

Tue 05, May 2020

My new CloudKey Gen2 Plus just arrived in the post today. Moving everything over with next-to-no downtime was very simple:

  1. Get a backup: Settings -> Backup -> Download file (you can adjust the timespan)
  2. Shut down the controller
  3. Open up the new controller
  4. Select Restore from backup in the setup and upload the backup file

That's it!

The UniFi AP-AC Lite

Mon 04, May 2020

I love the UniFi AP-AC Lites. They're awesome. Another one came in the post today and I was really hyped to set it up. They have an amazing reach and good speeds. Setting new ones up is as easy as plugging them into the network, opening up the UniFi network controller and integrating the new AP.

About 1 month ago I started with the UniFi system and it's really awesome - everything in one place. They not just have a really cool web dashboard, but a beautiful iOS app as well. Setting things up is really easy and extremely quick.

Edit: one thing that's really worth mentioning too: their packaging is nearly only made from paper! Really cool!

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